Q-smoke detectors

The advantages of smoke detectors with “Q”

Throughout Europe, the Q-quality sign stands for reliable and tested quality in smoke detectors and offers certainty when making purchasing decisions. It is certified by independent European testing institutes and meets the highest standards for a safety product.

Look for the Q-quality sign!

To safeguard lives in the event of fire, place your trust in the stringent requirements placed on the detection technology, service life and reliability of smoke detectors with the Q-sign. In case of fire, Q-smoke detectors warn of the life-threatening fire smoke in good time so that everyone can get to safety.

False alarms in day to day life are reduced to a minimum – as the integral, fixed installed battery ensures a 10-year operational life. Smoke detectors with “Q” can be recognised from the detail on the packaging and on the reverse of the detector itself.

Here you can find an overview of all current smoke detectors with the Q-quality sign.

Advantages of the “Q”

Reliable fire detection

High quality measuring technology reliably alarms and warns when there is a fire in the flat or house.

Significantly reduced number of false alarms

Sophisticated technology such as contamination compensation and high quality components ensure you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

10 years of operational readiness

The built-in 10-year battery ensures long-lasting safety. Because the battery don’t have to be changed every year, is also easy on environment and your wallet.

Independent certification

Extensive testing is carried out by independent, authorised testing institutes in Europe before a Q-quality sign is awarded. The demanding criteria were developed by the “Forum Brandrauchprävention e.V.” (Forum for Protection Against Smoke Caused by Fire), a union of neutral associations, manufacturers and service providers. 

For manufacturers and service providers

Learn more about the Europe-wide Q-product certification process for manufacturers and testing institutes, or learn about training to become a Q-certified expert for service providers and service enterprises in Germany.

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