Certification-smoke detectors

Licence your smoke detectors for the Q-sign

The “Q” is a registered European quality sign for labelling smoke detectors. Manufacturers can get their high quality smoke detectors certified in accordance with the technical requirements and apply for the Q-licence from the “Forum Brandrauchprävention”.

The new Q-regulations 

The EU certification mark “Q” sets high quality criteria for the necessary verification process of smoke detectors that go above and beyond the standard norms. Essential criteria are the 10-year battery life using a built-in battery, a high level of security against faults and false alarms, technically improved functional control and automatic contamination compensation.

Fur users, service providers and disposal firms, the ability to permanently deactivate smoke detectors after removal is also important. New quality requirements cover the use of a built-in communication module for an outgoing radio connection and wireless connectivity between detectors for passing on alarm signals.

Smoke detector certification is carried out by the certified bodies VdS Schadenverhütung, KRIWAN Testzentrum and CNPP Cert.

As a basis for licensing with the “Q”, for existing smoke detectors (reference date 28.06.2023) both the quality requirements according to the Brand Statutes and the vfdb Guideline 14-01 are still valid until the end of 2027. From 2026, for new smoke detectors only the requirements of the Brand Statutes will apply. The complete set of regulations for the Q-quality sign can be found at q-certified.eu/en/regulations

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Your benefits

Confirmation of the highest standard

The technical guidelines for the Q-certification place tough technical and quality demands on smoke detectors – therefore ensuring advantages within the market.

The quality sign for Europe

The EU Q-certification mark applies for the whole of Europe – and sets new quality standards. Act today to ensure your market advantage.

New marketing offers

The new Q-marketing label ensures higher recognition and greater attention – whether at the point of sale, on the packaging or on the company’s own website.

Your path to the Q licence 

All documents pertaining to the European certification mark “Q” No. 018155313 can be found at www.q-certified.eu/en/regulations

1. Technical requirements

Until the end of 2027, the vfdb Directive 14-01 is still valid for existing smoke detectors (reference date 28.06.2023) as the basis for technical testing to attain the Q-licence. Parallel to this, and mandatory from 2026 onward, are for new smoke detectors the increased quality requirements in accordance with the certification mark regulations. The new “Technical Guidelines” can be found under www.q-certified.eu/en/regulations

2. Assign a test institute

Experienced European and German testing institutes (CNPP Cert., VdS Schadenverhütung and KRIWAN Testzentrum) carry out the examination and certification process in accordance with these regulations.

3. Apply for a licence

Once your product has been successfully tested and you have received your certification, you can apply for your licence from company eobiont GmbH, who will issue it on behalf of the Forum

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4. Advertise with “Q” 

Once your licencing contract is in place you will receive the Q-logo and marketing label in German, English, French and Dutch for advertising your smoke detectors.

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