Enjoy the advantages of being a Q-technician

Training to be a “Q-certified technician for smoke detectors” qualifies you for consultation and installation of smoke detectors. Expert companies that offer the respective services and which are mainly carried out by Q-certified technicians, can apply online (currently only in German) for a licence to use the Q-technician logo.

ADVANTAGES of being a Q-technician

Thanks to skilled trainers, you will receive well-grounded, practice-oriented training – and your company will benefit from being able to attract customers with the Q-technician logo, known throughout the whole of Germany. With the examination regulations of 03 March 2021, the training to become a Q-technician for smoke detection can also take place as an online course and be completed with an online examination.

Qualified training

The uniform and up-to-date content of the training programme covers the installation and maintenance of smoke detectors, supports you in your day to day tasks and gives you the necessary security needed to carry out your job.

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Register as a specialised company

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Via the Specialist Database you can also download the current logo “We are committed – Q-certified technicians” to effectively advertise your company.

Training programme content

  1. Smoke from fire – a source of danger
    How fires start and why smoke is so dangerous.
  2. Smoke detector technology
    Function and operational limits of smoke detectors
  3. Planning and installation of smoke detectors
    DIN 14676-1 regulations for the installation of smoke detectors
  4. Operation and maintenance of smoke detectors
    DIN 14676-1 regulations for the operation and maintenance of smoke detectors
  5. Standards and legislation
    DIN EN 14604 / DIN 14676-1 and-2 / Regional building regulations
  6. Products and characteristics
    Quality characteristics/features

Three training possibilities 

In-house with a company or company appointed Q-trainer.
With a manufacturing company, service provider or trade guild, e.g. Guild of chimney sweeps with a Q-trainer.
Online at a company of your personal choice with a Q-trainer.


€ 30.00 licencing fee for the “Q”.

€ 5.00 per participant certificate processing fee for the Forum.

The licence is valid for five years and can be extended by completing a technical training refresher course without having to retake the examination for up to 3 months after the certificate has expired.