Your licence for quality

The certification of smoke detectors and services with the Q-quality mark guarantees a reliable and high quality standard – for the product itself, the installation and inspections.

While the product standard DIN EN 14604 currently only requires a minimum standard, the application standard DIN 14676 in Germany recommends a certified specialist, without defining the training in detail. In both cases, the “Q” supplements these standards many times over and brings them to a higher level of quality.

What Q-certificates are available?

Q-smoke detector certification

Currently, only smoke alarms are certified by authorised test institutes. Afterwards, the detectors are licensed by the Forum Brandrauchprävention for the quality mark “Q”. There is also a training concept for smoke detector services – for Q-technicians.

Q-technician certification

A qualified smoke alarm specialist, according to DIN 14676, must have a certificate of competence for the planning, project planning, installation as well as the testing and maintenance of smoke alarms. The certification with “Q” expands the knowledge of standards, laws, the technology of smoke alarms as well as planning and installation. After successful examination, participants receive a Q-certificate valid for five years.

Testing institute

Authorised European testing institutes test, certify and monitor Q-smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors

Until the end of 2027, the quality requirements according to vfdb guideline 14-01 apply for existing smoke detectors (reference date 28.06.2023) as the basis for licensing with the “Q” parallel to the brand statutes. From 2025 onwards, only the requirements of the brand statutes apply.

Q-trainer training programme 

Our partners BHE and ZVEI offer a well-founded training programme for licensed Q-trainers with selected experts of the Forum Brandrauchprävention. Updating is required every 5 years.

Q-technician training programme

The “Forum Brandrauchprävention” trains Q-certified smoke detector technicians with skilled Q-trainers. The certificate must be renewed every five years.


Companies employing Q-technicians or individual enterprises can advertise their business with the logo “We are committed – Q-certified technicians” and can register with the Specialist Database at www.rauchmelder-lebensretter.de

Marketing with the quality mark “Q”

Use this recognised quality mark to advertise your certified smoke detectors or your expertise as a technician or trainer!

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Q technician

Q trainer 


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