Certified service providers can be recognised by the “Q”!

Kunden erkennen Fachfirmen, die die Installation und Instandhaltung überwiegend mit Q-Fachkräften durchführen, an diesem Zeichnen.

Smoke detectors are already mandatory in several European countries. Particularly strict, are the installation and inspection stipulations in Germany. They also lay down regulations on the qualifications of technical experts. The “Forum Brandrauchprävention” offers a uniform Q-technician training programme for attainment of the required training certificate, which must be renewed every five years.

Q-technicians in Germany, therefore, possess the necessary competence for the planning, installation and maintenance of smoke detectors. Q-technicians undergo independent training and certification. The “Q” sign therefore offers orientation when looking for a suitable company. 

Good reasons for installation and examination by experts

Who must install smoke detectors? As a homeowner and landlord, you are legally bound to have smoke detectors installed in your housing premises and have them checked at least once a year in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The German law applies to single-family home owners as well as small landlords or landlords of large flat portfolios.

For landlords or managers:

Don’t take any risks when it comes to official guidelines on smoke detector installation and maintenance, seek expert advice and support from Q-technicians. Smoke detectors also offer the ability to carry out inspections remotely. 

For homeowners:

Get your own four walls fitted with smoke detectors in line with legal requirements and your own needs – by an expert Q-technician. In the case of fire, you and your family will then be reliably warned by your installed smoke detectors.

Installing smoke detectors?
The “Service Finder”:

Find suitable Q-technicians in your area by using the professional company search function at www.rauchmelder-lebensretter.de