The Quality Mark „Q“

“Q” stands for high quality, reliable smoke detectors with independent approval certification.

Independent. Certified. Reliable.

In the event of a fire, a smoke detector must save lives – and must therefore function reliably. Smoke detectors with the Q quality mark are tested according to strict requirements by independent testing institutes to ensure they comply with the highest possible quality standards.

What to look for when purchasing smoke detectors

Smoke detectors with the “Q” mark have the following benefits for a greater degree of safety and reliability:

Reliable fire detection

Reduced number of false alarms 

10 years of operational readiness

Independent certification

“Q” installation and inspection experts

If you want your smoke detectors installed professionally and inspected annually, then you need a Q-technician.

Alongside professional housing associations, many private landlords and home owners engage the services of well-trained and certified Q-technicians. You can also buy networked smoke detectors or radio smoke detectors with “Q” through them and have them installed.

Look for quality

You can recognise high quality, reliable and long-life smoke detectors with a reduced likelihood of false alarms by this symbol on the packaging:

Since the year 2000, the initiative “Rauchmelder retten Leben” (Smoke Detectors Save Lives) has been working to reduce the number of fire victims in Germany – not least through the use of well-functioning smoke detectors. The powerhouse behind the initiative is the “Forum Brandrauchprävention” (Forum for Protection Against Smoke and Fumes Caused by Fire). Members of this charitable association include:

The history of the “Q”

The Forum has been awarding the “Q” as an independent quality mark since 2011. Today, the “Q” sign is firmly established in the German market for smoke detectors and services. In 2021, with the new European “Q” certification mark, a new chapter is beginning – the label is becoming a quality mark for Europe.

A quality mark for Europe

Smoke detectors with the “Q” are sold and installed in Germany and many other European countries. Place your trust in the “Q “- throughout Europe! As a manufacturer or service provider, you should therefore rely on the quality mark for your smoke detectors – throughout Europe!

Independent certification

The “Q” as a quality mark for high quality smoke detectors has become an integral aspect on the German market, more European countries will follow. Fundamental to the licencing application for the new European “Q” certification mark are the regulations associated with its use. Certification of smoke detectors is carried out by trusted, Forum-authorised testing institutes. Companies that have respectively trained Q-technicians or that employ Q-trainers also receive a licence to use the special Q-consultant specialist logo.

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Q trainer 


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