Application examples

Application of the quality marks for smoke alarms

In addition to the classic “Q” mark, the Forum Brandrauchprävention also provides licence holders (smoke alarm manufacturers) with a marketing and product label. Licensed smoke alarm manufacturers with the right to use the “Q” mark can integrate these marketing and product labels into their marketing activities.

The marketing label

The label itself does not contain any information about the product. It may therefore be used only in direct connection with the licensed smoke alarm device (i.e. illustration of the product and mention of the product name). The marketing label is available in three variants: one without brand benefits and one with three brand benefits in both portrait and landscape formats.

Application example

Examples* for the use of the marketing label are product packaging and product advertising, e.g. at the point of sale with posters, roll-ups or product flyers.
Important: The marketing label may only be used in direct connection with the licensed product.
(*”Fastpace “and “Nightowl” are purely fictitious trademarks of eobiont GmbH and protected by copyright).

The product label

The product name and the name of the licensee (company name) are mentioned on the product label itself, therefore the label can also be used without direct connection to the licensed smoke alarm device. The licensor eobiont provides the product label with product name and company name in four languages (DE, EN, FR, NL) as a print template to the licensees upon request.

Application example

The product label can be used without a product image and without a product name, e.g. on posters, roll-ups or flyers, because it works on its own due to the information mentioned on the label (product and manufacturer name).

The pure brand

The “Q” brand must always be displayed on the product itself and on its packaging. The marketing label on the packaging (see above) is optional, but the pure “Q” mark is obligatory. (This is based on Section B of the Supplementary Specifications in the Trademark Statutes or the Rights of Use Agreement in the examination according to vfdb Guideline 14-01).

Important notes

Your licence agreement grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to use the warranty mark “Q” for a limited period of time. The right of use applies exclusively to licensed smoke alarms. The product label will be created for you individually on request by eobiont GmbH as the rights owner. The trademark may NOT be used in relation to your company itself.

Do you wish to use the product label for your smoke alarm? Or do you have questions about the Q-label? Then write to us!

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