Certification for smoke detectors according to Q-regulations

On this page you can find an initial overview of the forms you need to complete the Q-certification of your smoke detectors in accordance with the Q-regulations.

For the Q licence application in accordance with the certification regulations, you need:

1. Declaration of Performance

2. EC Constancy of Performance Certificate (complete copy)

3. EC Conformity Certificate for the licensed product

4. Written Q-test report* plus Q-certificate from an authorised technical institute

5. Eventually the confirmation of the authorised technical institute on
contract product detector variants.

6. Confirmation from an authorised technical institute on the conclusion of a contract for the continuous monitoring of the contract product (minimum once a year, dependent on the duration of the validity of the Q-certificate).

*Quality certificates are to be presented for the following technical characteristics of smoke detectors (short version):

  • An off-grid, integrated power supply designed for an operational life of at least 10 years for the detector and alarm functions
  • Protection against any foreign objects entering the detection chamber 
  • Protection against moist warmth, constant over 21 days 
  • Protection against sulphur dioxide (SO2) – corrosion test (constant testing over 21 day period)
  • Protection against impacts (when in operation) 
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (interference immunity and stray magnetic fields testing) 
  • Thermal cycling 
  • Increased reliability of the functions relating to the safety objectives of the detector with regard to smoke sensor and alarm technology 
  • Wireless connection between connected smoke detectors with regard to range and quality of transmissions 
  • Contamination compensation 
  • Permanent deactivation after removal 
  • Activation after re-installation 
  • Communications module for outgoing radio transmissions 

Additionally required data:

Company name as recorded in the commercial register or similar, postal address, telephone/E-mail, website address, product name, verification number as well as information on features, product image.

Q-licence fees in accordance with the certification regulations:

Net € 7,000.00 per year

You will receive:

Q-logo and design specifications for product labelling as well as the new marketing label in four languages and various language combinations – and an entry in the Q-Smoke Detector Database.

Access to test documentation for getting your licence:

A third party provider, whose product is already certified and licenced under another name, can apply for the right of use from eobiont without renewed testing if the product is UNALTERED in any technical aspect. Please provide eobiont with the contract with the manufacturer for use of the test documentation.

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